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February 4, 2016

http://heidiwyle.com/?s=driving Did the holidays bring leftovers?  January came and went but now you’re facing February challenges, holiday giving now is taking from you? One of the reasons I appreciate owning my own business is that I set the levels of income I make.  When you are in the business of sharing great products, YOU choose how successful you are. YOU get to decide when you accelerate your income and YOU get to reap the rewards of working harder.

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A friend of mine taught school for 13 years. She never received an increase in salary other than the annual increase.  She won many awards, created additional support for her fellow teachers, but the additional work only paid her in satisfaction with her effort.  Do you know a job like that? Do you HAVE a job like that? When you own your own business, if you work harder, if you complete more actions of your success YOU get paid more.

In our business, when you work smarter, when you share your experience, your income check reflects an appreciation for additional effort engaged.  Doesn’t it make sense? Reward your best asset in your business ….YOU!

This February there is a good bit of talk about appreciation, romance, and relationships with Valentine’s coming up. Why not consider your options for how you’re romanced by the work you do? Are you ready to receive increase when you put in the effort? Let’s talk, I know it’s worked for me.


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