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Is it time for new traditions?

November 30, 2015

Tradition, that word that implies a repeating experience.  In the holiday season we may think of sweet traditions such as lighting a candle with loved ones, or the tradition of putting up a tree to celebrate the season.  Tradition may also have a place in your experience as “unappreciated” or “unpaid” for your effort.  Starting a new business gives you the opportunity to create your own new traditions. Perhaps you’ve longed for a three day weekend on the schedule, owning your own business can make this possible.  Desire to work with individuals you value and who value you? Selecting your team and coworkers can make a big difference in how the work environment works out. Tradition may be etched in your mind as the way things “have” to be, but I encourage you to simply stop. Think about the traditions in your life. Think about the traditions you desire in your routines, your annual experiences, and your daily life.

tradition word in letterpress type

    Is it time to stop repeating what has happened in your past and begin experiencing what you design for your today and future? Is it time to consider living your future today? So many of the rules and habits of our past are based on something that has nothing to do with today. We often repeat processes and tell ourselves beliefs that we accept more as “the way it is” than the way it works for us.  What works for you? When do you work best? When do you rest comfortably? How often do you need a break, how excited do your current life goals make you? Where is your passion in your daily life? What works right now and what do you want to do more of in your life?

Whether you are seeking additional funds to give you more options or whether you’re seeking to radically change what you experience in your work life daily, my company allows you to explore your options. A unique part of each of our existences is being the author of our own “whys” of what we do and how we do it. Personally, I wanted the freedom to work hours that work for me. I wanted no glass ceilings of how much income I could earn. I wanted to be with other individuals who get that living a worthwhile life isn’t putting off until someday what one could achieve today. Working is a given for most of us, it is a framework where we get to learn and showcase our skills, it’s a community of people to serve with and others to teach and mentor. How I work, whom I work for, that is radically MY choice and I hope to make it yours! This holiday season, take a moment to think about your traditions, your experiences, think about even the time you are “allowed” to take off and perhaps even the budget your current job affords you to engage for this holiday. Is it time you consider making some new traditions in your life?

When Hard Events Happen

Vintage view of Paris on the grunge backgroundHoliday weeks bring to mind that owning your own business means you have choices.  In traditional employment, holidays may offer you a day or, perhaps two in a particularly generous employer.  Work hours are regimented, hours taken off counted against your alloted time. One of the benefits of owning your own business is the freedom to choose how and when you’ll work.  Success requires each of us to engage and do the work, but there are many ways to succeed.

Where do you work? Do you leave the comfort of your home? Do you have to work within borders of an area or level of service? Are you limited by hours available or guilted if you decide to take off for a few days or to travel with your spouse? One of the reasons I enjoy owning my business is that I have freedom of choice. I can work near a beach, in my home, or where ever I choose to travel.  I am able to engage individuals where ever I am with the knowledge that if I find someone I’d like to invite on my team, I am unlimited as to who I can engage.


It’s about so much more than a paycheck.  It’s knowing you can “ramp up” your income when you desire to, and if you need to take a week off for family, you can make arrangements that meet your personal and professional needs without penalty from work.  Last week we saw news of a French tragedy, we were aware that families had to adjust their plans and change their travel. Some were facing horrible news and others fighting for their lives. In such a time the last thing one desires to face is the loss of employment due to unforeseen time off.  That alone is reason enough to appreciate the value of owning your own opportunities and knowing that through residual income and the work of your organization, you are never alone and facing forced unemployment.

Whether you’re seeking part time opportunities or full time transitions, I have found a resource that just keeps offering more and more opportunities. Ask me, let me explain to you what I’m doing. Today’s economy takes twists and turns, a diagnosis or tragedy may change how you need to work. I appreciate the freedom my work has given me.  In these times having a choice is important.  I’ll be happy to share my story.